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Image & Confidence Building

Self-esteem and confidence is affected by any form of domestic violence and abusive relationships. Image and confidence building techniques are provided to victims of domestic Violence to assist with the confidence and self-esteem that was decreased during the journey of an abusive relationship.

Clothing Replenishment

Assistance with everyday clothing and shoe needs that will help victims of Domestic Violence regain the confidence and empowerment for interviews and day to day activities.

Housing Assistance

Housing assistance is provided for survivors and their children that have been displaced due to Domestic Violence.

Etiquette Class

Classes that assist with professional and formal skills needed to help transition victims and survivors of domestic violence with living a a confident and empowered life free of abuse.

Resume Building

We assist with building an impressive resume that will serve one specific purpose: to win an interview. A good resume enables survivors to create a resume that fits the job they are searching for going for and highlights the best aspects of your professional experience.

Job Search

We assist survivors with the immediate task of job seeking that have been laid off or fired due to Domestic Violence with the goal of obtaining a job interview with an employer which may lead to getting hired.

Interview Skill & Preparation Training

Interview Skills Training is provided that will help ensure victims of Domestic Violence are making the most of your career opportunities.

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