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Who We Are
Powerful Beginnings Inc. works to provide strategic resources to assist in life restoration after a journey through abuse.  We've provided support and transitional services to victims of domestic violence in the Tri-City and Atlanta area for over 2 years. 

Women and children who are escaping from violent households find safety and services through this organization's transitional services which aid and assist them in living a more independent life.

Job placement and advocacy are also provided for outreach victims who do not need shelter.


Powerful Beginnings Nonprofit is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire and assist victims and survivors of Domestic Violence to live a confident and empowered life. The organization provides transitional services such as counseling, resume building, interview skills, job training, housing placement, temporary housing assistance that will provide a foundation for victims and survivors to rebuild the necessary tools needed to live free of abuse. 

 Through community partnerships, Powerful Beginnings raises awareness, provides services, and educates community members about domestic violence. We advocate to help the community identify the signs of abuse which will help survivors receive referrals and supportive assistance to use both the civil and criminal justice system. Advocacy within the legal and human services systems is provided for any client or resident in need of such support.


Educating and helping citizens in the community understand that Domestic Violence is not an isolated situation. Powerful Beginnings vision of helping victims rebuild mentally and emotionally to live a life free of abuse. Powerful Beginnings envisions itself creating community partnerships with organizations designed to help women and children displaced due to domestic violence by creating collaborative projects that will facilitate growth and independence while creating change in the community that breaks the generational cycle of Domestic Cycle.

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